Sweet Lily Bakery is a boutique bakery and cafe where people can enjoy locally sourced teas and coffees, while enjoying made-from-scratch goodies. There is an atmosphere to linger over a good book or visit with family and friends. The menu is a modern twist on old family recipes, including gluten-free options.

Started in 2014 by Melinda Gipson, Sweet Lily Bakery quickly gained attention for its high quality pastries and desserts. In December 2015, Melanie and David McPherson became the new owners. While keeping many of the most popular menu items, Melanie has added her own flair for new tastes on the menu, including sweet as well as savory items.

Sweet Lily Bakery serves pastries, savory puff pies, scones, house-made soups and panini sandwiches. We also create specialty pies and cakes, including custom wedding cakes.

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